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Bed bugs are now a global problem with the United States becoming the most recent country to experience an explosion in bed bug infestations. These small parasitic insects can now be found in some of the best hotels and resorts. The presence of bed bugs is not an indicator of a lack of cleanliness of either the location or the person affected by them, but the negligent failure of someone to take steps to eliminate an infestation could entitle a bed bug bite victim to compensation.

At The Felicetti Law Firm P.C., we are committed to assisting the victims of bed bug infestations to obtain the compensation they deserve from negligent property owners who fail to protect people from known infestations. Our bed bug attorneys are tenacious advocates who are not afraid to stand up to insurance companies and corporate property owners that place the blame on the victims of bed bug infestations. We are a experienced bed bug law firm that have helped many receive compensation for their injuries.

The bed bug problem in the United States

Bed bugs are small parasitic insects found in all parts of the world. The good news is that, unlike some other insects that feed on human blood, they are not known to transmit diseases. This is not to say that bed bug bites are not serious. The scratching caused by the itching that accompanies bed bug bites can become infected and lead to scarring. Some people suffer serious allergic reactions to the bites that require medical treatment.

Bed bugs can exist anywhere

Infestations of bed bugs may be found anywhere that people sleep. This may include the
following places:

Bed bugs are usually found within eight feet of where people sleep, so mattresses, bed frames and box springs are prime locations where they may hide during the daytime before coming out at night to feed upon unsuspecting individuals who are trying to sleep. Other hiding places may include:

Bed bugs are easily spread to new locations

People help to spread bed bug infestations by carrying them on clothing and suitcases when they travel from an infested location. Although they generally are found close to where people sleep, there have been situations in which they have traveled up to 100 feet during the night to bite a sleeping person.

Someone who does not travel is not out of danger from a bed bug infestation. These bugs can hide in merchandise that you order on the Internet. If the warehouse or storage facility from which the items were shipped was infested, the insects can show up at your front door or in your mailbox.

Although they only live for about one year, bugs reproduce quickly. A small number of the insects can grow into a large and widespread infestation unless professional remediation is undertaken.

Bed bug victims are entitled to compensation

A property owners, such as landlords and owners of hotels, resorts and motels, can be sued for being aware of a bed bug infestation and failing to take appropriate steps to protect people from being bitten. Depending upon the extent of a victim’s injuries, compensation may include:

Contact a knowledgeable bed bug attorney about bed bug injuries

The skilled and hardworking bed bug attorneys at The Felicetti Law Firm P.C. are passionate defenders of your right to compensation for the bed bug injuries you suffer due to the negligence or willful conduct of a property owner in failing to provide you with clean, infestation-free living conditions. Contact us today for a consultation, or you may contact us through our website. If you need a bed bug attorney don’t hesitate to contact us today.